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EFG Series 1.6-2T AC Forklift

Key Product Features


Operator Comfort

  • Low access steps. Large, level foot well with automotive pedal lay-out.

  • Floating cab module cushions road shocks and vibrations.

  • Clear view: mast and fork carriage allow for excellent visibility of the load and of the road.

  • Hydraulic power steering is precise, requiring the minimal amount of effort without kick-back.

  • Comfort display provides up-to-date information on vital vehicle conditions at a glance.

Safe, Wear-free braking

  • Regenerative electric braking in reversing mode and regular brake pedal use.

  • Multiple oil disk brakes act as a safety back-up. Wear-free and fully enclosed. 


  • Curve control automatically reduces travel speed when cornering.

  • Very low centre of gravity improves stability and residual capacity.

  • Electronic and hydraulic overload protection guard.

Maintenance free electric motors

  • Proven AC technology : 2 drive motors, hydraulic pump motor, steering motor. high performance. Low energy consumption, less maintenance.

  • Up to 15% higher energy efficiency than shunt motors.

  • High torque for rapid work cycles.

  • No brushes, no collector –no maintenance expense.

  • Fully enclosed and protected to IP 54.Long life, even under dusty and damp conditions.

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